Everglades Federal Credit Union restricts the use of member information to only those purposes authorized by the credit union. We do not sell or release member information to any third party for commercial purposes. However, we do work with third party printing and mailing vendors for these specialized services. These vendors cannot release the information we provide them.

We do not use or sell Member lists for “cold calling” purposes. Everglades Federal Credit Union uses member lists to mail product materials to our credit union members. We will contact members to verify information sent to us on an application or to obtain information that a member forgot to include on an application on enrollment form.

Everglades Federal Credit Union uses social security or share account members only to sort data and verify member authorized billing practices. Under no circumstances is any of this information used for other purposes and we do not engage in any activities regarding member transactions, deposits or withdrawals unless the member specifically authorizes such activity as part of his/her relationship with us.

Everglades Federal Credit Union is strongly committed to protecting member privacy. Our practices and policies restricting the use of member data demonstrate that we respect our responsibility to our members.